Green Credentials

Greenscreen scores on two fronts with regard to the environment.

  • it is designed as a climbing plant support, it quickly becomes totally clad in foliage appearing as a green 'hedge' and offers the most natural looking fencing and noise prevention solution available.
  • as befits a truly 'green' product, greenscreen is a champion of both ethical and environmental causes.

A modular product, the screen sections comprise special ‘micro mosspoles’ held securely in galvanised steel frames which are manufactured close to the Dutch assembly facility. The poles are the heart of the system and are constructed from recycled ABS plastic (80% min) - predominantly mobile phone casings and yoghurt containers sourced locally in Holland. This material is reformed into plastic tubes via extrusion equipment within the assembly facility and then automatically wrapped with coco-fibres by a specially developed machine in the same location. The coco-poles are then fitted into the high quality galvanised steel framework

The coco-fibres are sourced from traditional coconut plantations in a sustainable and responsible manner. The manufacturer in the Netherlands has over the last 10 years developed a close relationship with its raw material supplier, consequently benefiting the local rural community.

All material components of the screen have an exceedingly long life expectancy however, if ever required, all elements of greenscreen can be fully recycled again. In the past and even on current projects clients have requested upgrading of the barriers’specifications. In these instances the screens are returned to the factory where they are stripped down and components are then either recycled or reused for the new order. Any coco-fibres that are not used for the screens are passed on to a producer of specialist plant-growing composts.

As the screens will primarily be used in place of either concrete or wooden structures, the fact that greenscreen is designed for plants, gives an important extra boost to local wildlife. A mature screen is approaching a hedge in terms of a wildlife haven, providing insects and birdlife with ideal additional living environment.